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Letter of Resignation

By definition a letter of resignation is a letter written by an employee to announce his/her intent to leave a position or office of employment currently held. A letter of resignation will often take legal effect of a notice required under the relevant terms of the position before quitting a job.

Our Letter of Resignation provides a professional standardised template that fits the needs of the perfect resignation letter. It will guide you through the process of where and what to fill in to create the best Letter of Resignation to give your current employer when you have successfully found and secured a new role. This will be provided in an amendable version at the end of the process.

LinkedIn Profile

Our LinkedIn Profile Writing service involves the provision of a document file containing a full write-up of the various sections of a LinkedIn Profile that may be easily copied and pasted into a live profile. We do not undertake to directly log in to or create profiles on behalf of our clients - this is a security measure to ensure the safety of your personal information and confidentiality of your login credentials.

When applying for a role, the employer or recruiter will undoubtedly search for you on LinkedIn. It's beyond important to firstly, if you're a professional: have a profile. Secondly, it must read a certain way and look full, well thought-out and link to all the right places. 

One off cost: £20

Language Conversion

For foreign national's seeking work in the UK, we can convert your CV from your first language into English. We ask that the original CV be sent to us for to convert. Once converted to the best of our ability, we'll work with you on polishing the CV up to professional standard via email consultation.

New Job Starter Pack

This special pack will advise you on what documents you will need once you have secured that dream role. This will be handed to you along with your new professional CV.

Interview Advice

So you've secured your interview, great job. Our interview advice helps you with guidance on how to prepare and practice prior to the interview. We also give tips on how you should carry yourself when being interviewed, how to communicate with the interviwer and general advice on how you should follow-up the interview.

When purchasing with us, we'll ask you to either email us your original CV to work from, or fill out a form detailing all of the information we will require. If you would like a job in a specific industry, it's best to let us know this via email so we can tailor it for that industry.

We have helped clients secure roles in various industries including: Finance, Marketing, IT, Education, Military, Construction, Energy, Agriculture, Mass Media, Security, Manufacturer and more. We aren't tired down to a specific industry, we're open to working with any individual in any industry. We know what works for most and have a broad understanding of what catches the eye.

Tailored CV

Cover Letter

By definition a cover letter is a letter written by an employee that works well in tandem when sending your CV. When applying for a job, the application will normally ask you to include a cover letter alongside your CV and any other supporting documentation. Sometimes this is compulsary, but other times it is not. However, MyProfessional recommends that you always include a cover letter when applying for a job.

Our cover letter specifically is what we believe as professionals to be the easiest yet most effective format that can be tailored to any industry and individual. There are defined sections and areas within the letter than will allow you to create an editable finished product.

One off cost: £15

One off cost: £15

One off cost: £10

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